December 15, 2013

Jumpman Junior Revisited

(Sorry, I know I should post more often.  Hoping to turn this around starting now.)

I had some spare time last night and decided to see just how quickly the points get out of control on Jumpman Junior (Atari 800).  The game features a system where you get bonus points after every level based on the number of lives you have remaining.  If you can bank enough extra lives, these bonus points can make it so that you gain and extra life after every completed stage.  Play on beyond that and it soon becomes two or three.

I played a three-hour game last night.  It took about an hour to reach 150,000 points.  By that time, I had banked roughly 15 lives (it would have been more, but I was a bit rusty and died a lot :) ).  However, I put together a winning streak and suddenly the bank was at 20 lives, then 30, then 40.  By the three-hour mark (just before actually), that count was 105!

This was also where I reached a million points, which seemed like a good place to stop.  The scoreboard rolled over and I was able to get a good screen shot of the lives count, thanks to ending on a level with a nice round bonus (just divide the 10,500 bonus by 100 to get 105).

Here are a few screenshots:

Just before the rollover...

And just after...

Finally, my last lives bonus: