March 23, 2012

New Video: Donkey Kong (NES) Kill Screen

It's taken a lot longer than I planned, but here it is finally: The highlight video from my Donkey Kong kill screen on the NES, which I completed on New Years Eve, 2011.

Bear with me on the intro.  It's worth the wait! ;)


  1. This is a great video. You're incredibly talented, and it never goes to your head. Now a question about DK; does it feel different than the arcade version? I dig the core game, but the arcade original is so stiff that I couldn't get into it.

  2. Thanks! :) DK definitely feels more polished on the NES than on the arcade version. The arcade always feels so clunky when I play it, which is probably why I've never really gotten into it. Fun to watch everyone else compete though!